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A historical geocoder for search and standardization of place names throughout history. Enables geographical search in cultural heritage collections.


Nederlandse topografie door de tijd. Van Dorestad tot Lelystad, van Pieterskerk tot Nils Bohrweg 1, van Burgwal tot Bob Marleystraat en van Oude Niedorp tot Hollands Kroon. Elke plaats, bestuurlijke eenheid, straat, zelfs elk gebouw en elk adres dat ooit in Nederland bestaan heeft kennen - dat is onze ambitie.


All 9,866,539 buildings in The Netherlands

All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to year of construction. Data from BAG (January 2015), via CitySDK LD API.


Currently under construction! At the Smart City Conference in May 2014, a beta version of the City Dashboard Amsterdam was presented, that showed realtime data from the city.


Mansholt, Landschap in Perspectief

Visualisation of the way agriculture has determined the lay-out and shape of the Dutch landscape after 1945. For the exhibition 'Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective', 18 January - 6 April 2014, Bureau Europa, Maastricht.

Mansholt visualisation

Want to learn how to make beautiful maps? Let's do it together! Beginners very welcome!

Maptime Amsterdam

Transparant Nederland

A data platform for administrative networks, functions and power. Transparent Netherlands wants to contribute to our democracy by making it more defensible and improving the information position of citizens.

Transparant Nederland

Amsterdecks (Liquid Commons)

A data visualisation (based on available open data from Waternet) and web application to give citizens insight in the water quality of their city.

Amsterdecks visualisation

Energy Label Atlas

The Energy Label Atlas shows the energy labels of all houses in the Netherlands. When labels change, the server automatically updates the background map.

energy label atlas

Clique: explore the political influence network in the Netherlands. Dig in Transparant Nederland data set.

Clique is an application to research the political influence network of a politician from various angles. It visualizes the career of the selected person on a timeline. You can explore the changes in between two moments in time in the change visualization by selecting a period on the timeline. By selecting a person in the change visualization, you can review the commonalities between the two selected persons.

Clique visualisation